Monday, August 18, 2008

Say Yes To Life

This excerpt is taken from Spa Magazine - Healthly Living, Travel and Renewal; July/Aug. 2008 By Dr. Jeffrey Brantley and Wendy Millstine
"Yes" is a popular and widespread expression of joyful aggreement and hearty acceptance. Try saying "yes" through the present moment to the ever-changing, mysterious flow of life. Breathe mindfully for about a minute. Set your intention. For example:"May this practice give me happiness and energy." Notice and gently name the different experiences as they arise in this moment. As you name each one, simply add "Yes". For example, "Worried thoughts - yes." Ache in your back - yes". Gently whisper "yes" without intellectualizing or resisting. What do you notice?
All thoughts, emotions, and actions can become something beautiful when you are truly present and open to the possibilities available in the present moment. Through mindfulness, intention, and acting wholeheartedly, you can enjoy the love in your life in ways deeper and richer than you may ever have imagined.

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